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  1. North Point Media

    North Point Media PRO Atlanta, GA


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    Technically Pure Visually Engaging Emotionally Connecting "Creating media that leaves a lasting impression." ----------- If you would like to use one of our videos in your church, please visit resources.northpoint.org or email resources@northpoint.org for info about licensing.

  2. Geoff Schultz

    Geoff Schultz Plus Charlotte, NC


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    "creating art to positively impact & influence people" I am a motion graphics designer out of Charlotte, NC. I graduated from SCAD in 2005 and have been based out of Charlotte, NC since then. I am also a wedding photographer with my wife Cheyenne. We have two kids: Boone (our son) and…

  3. blaine hogan

    blaine hogan Plus chicago, il


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    I am an artist, a designer, an actor, a writer, a maker of things that are odd, and a husband.

  4. Dwight Weber

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