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The Gold Coast International Film Festival brings you a variety of quality short films featuring up-and-coming filmmakers and festival winners. You'll see comedy, drama, sci-fi, animation, thrillers, and documentaries. Plus, you'll see films directed by and featuring stars from today's hit TV shows and movies. You're sure to laugh, be moved, fall in love, and discover some great new talent.

Visit us at goldcoastfilmfestival.org/ or e-mail gciffshorts@gmail.com for more information.

We are always accepting submissions!

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  1. Michael Toscano
  2. James Button
  3. Lauren Collins
  4. Carlos Solano
  5. A Silent Waltz
  6. Glen Wood
  7. Shixie
  8. Najar et Perrot
  9. scott calonico
  10. Tomas Mankovsky
  11. Whit Conway
  12. JK Ramsey
  13. Victor Carrey
  14. Andrew Margetson
  15. Yvonne  |  eyesnare inc
  16. chris jurchak
  17. scott ewing
  18. cesc pujol font

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