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My first feature film ‘THE SUN, MOON & STARS’ received Best Comedy award at the Florida Film Festival, USA in ’96. My second feature CHAOS/DEATHGAMES - a low budget sci fi set in 2020 - won the audience award at the Luxembourg Fantasy Fest 2001.

I have produced and directed over fifty hours of prime time, long form documentaries for Irish Television. Subjects range from History, Culture, Art, Mental Health, Social and Environmental issues. My expertise is in showing an audience how extraordinary, ordinary lives can be.

My short stories have appeared in numerous publications including;
'Jesus on the Dash’ in new writing from UCD 2008
'Vis a Visa' in Boyne Berries 5, 2009,
‘Out of Sight’ runner up in the 2009 Francis McManus radio award and broadcast Nov ‘09.
'The Stenographers' long listed for the FISH publishing memoir competition in 2012.
'The Sheriff of Sunday' third place in the Trevor/ Bowen International Short Story competition 2012
'Swimmers', a first novel was long-listed for the Irish Writers Centre Novel Fair competition 2013
‘Fuel for the Fire’ winner of Red line (literary magazine) First Ed March ‘13

Screenplays include The Sun Moon & Stars, Chaos, The Worm, We’re No Angles (Mercury 13) and 1243

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