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20B Derwent Grove,
London SE22 8EA

Mobile: 07423656934


Short Biography

Ged Haney was born in Workington, Cumberland in 1958. He studied graphic design at Carlisle and The London College of Printing. He was first involved in animation in the early eighties when he wrote the music for several short animated films. In 1989 he wrote the music for the two series of Rik Mayall’s Grim Tales. In 1989, with Emma Calder, he scripted and directed The Drummer, an animated short for children; also with Emma Calder, he founded Pearly Oyster Productions. In 1992, after almost seven years work, he completed The Kings of Siam for Channel 4, which went on to win the Norman McIaren Award at the Edinburgh Festival and the Jury Prize at Esphino. Through the nineties he worked mainly as an animator/director creating title sequences, channel idents and so on for many varying clients. Since 1996 he has worked extensively with Studio Filmbilder in Stuttgart, and between 2005 and 2012 was based permanently in that city. In October 2012 he relocated back to the UK.



1976-77 Carlisle College of Art and Design - Foundation Course
1977-80 London College of Printing - BA Hons in Graphic Design


1986 - Began working as a freelance animator round the London studios. Various pop videos, TV commercials, corporate videos, etc.

1989 - Founded Pearly Oyster Productions with Emma Calder.

1989 - The Drummer (co directed with Emma Calder): Seven minute film for children, model animation, Magic Mirror Award, World wide TV and Video.

1989 - The Turd Family Go On Holiday (co-directed with Emma Calder): Twenty second environmental sting for MTV, model animation, nominated for the best ecological commercial. Commissioned by MTV.

The Three Feathers (co-directed with Emma Calder): First episode of Rick Mayall's Grim Tales, world wide TV and Video.

1992 - The Kings of Siam (Director, writer, animator): Ten minute film for channel 4, drawn animation, Special Jury Price, Esphino; Norman McLaren Memorial Prize, Edinburgh.

1993 - Teenage Health Freak (Director): Title sequence, Limelight TV.

1994 - Far Out Man (Director): Three twenty second channel idents for MTV.

1995 - Clearasil (Director of animated sequences): TV commercial, USA. Pizzazz.

The Zodiac Files (co-directed with Emma Calder): Pilot for animation series. Illuminated Films.

1996 - The Mouse Family (Stories, with Emma Calder, scripts by Ged Haney) Childrens' TV series for children. For Carlton TV, commisioned by Illuminated Films

Lynx Inca (Director): TV commercial, Passion Pictures, Bartle, Bogart and Hegarty.

1997 - Death of a Chameleon (Director): Channel ident for Locomotion TV.

1999 - Bla Bla Bla (co-directed with Andreas Hykade): music video for Gigi D'Agostino.

2000 - The Riddle (co-directed with Andreas Hykade): music video for Gigi D'Agostino.

2001 - Britannia Building Society (co-directed with Andreas Hykade): Six TV commercials, Walsh Trott Chick and Smith, Passion Pictures.

2003/4: - Head of Animation on Tom und das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig (Tom and the Slice of Bread with Strawberry Jam and Honey), Episodes 1- 13. (Directed by Andreas Hykade)

2004/5 - Dolphin Friendly (Director/Writer): animated comedy short for the internet.

2005/7 - Animator in Residence/Students' diploma year mentor, Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg.

2007/8 - Developing The Bunjies (Joint project with Andreas Hykade)

Milk Milk Lemonade (Director/Writer/Animator)

2007/12 - Head of Animation on Tom und das Erdbeermarmeladebrot mit Honig, Episodes 14-52. (Directed by Andreas Hykade)

2013 - Visiting lecturer/graduation assessor at the Northern Film School (Leeds Metropolitan University). Teaching Flash and animation basics to the first year students; teaching story structure and film language, and critiquing those same things, plus detailed animation advice to the second and third year students.

Eddie and Winston (Director/Writer/Animator) Five minute animated short about two fourteen year old South London sociopaths. This is a personal project, just for the fun of it...

In addition to the above I 'worked the London studio scene' from about 1990-2005, helping out to some greater or lesser extent on many commercials, title sequences, pop videos, corporate videos and so on. Directors including, Jonathan Hodgson, Gill Bradley, Mike Smith, Andreas Hykade, Mario Cavalli, Emma Calder, Sue Young, Erica Russell, Alyson Hamilton, Jim le Fevre, Nicki Gibbs, Mal Hartley.

As Soundtrack Composer

1983 - Madame Potato (Directed by Emma Calder)

1986 - Springfield (Directed by Emma Calder)

1989 - The Drummer (Directed by Emma Calder and Ged Haney)

1989 - The Turd Family go on Holiday (Directed by Emma Calder and Ged Haney)

1989 - Rik Mayall`s Grim Tales (Episodes 1-13, directed by Bob Baldwin)

1990 - Rik Mayall`s Grim Tales (Episodes 14-26, directed by Bob Baldwin)

1992 - The Kings of Siam (Directed by Ged Haney)

1993 - Chickenwire (Directed by Sarah Roper)

1994 - Far Out Man (Directed by Ged Haney)

2005 - Dolphin Friendly (Directed by Ged Haney)

2007 - The Bunjies (Directed by Ged Haney and Andreas Hykade)


  1. Emma Calder/Pearly Oyster