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If you throw some hip hop, crime, swag, some graffiti and a little bit of thug into your grinder – no spinner. Geedup is exactly what is gonna fall out of it into your bowl. Driven by the same dreams and energy that shaped hip hop in the 90′s, Graffiti in the 80′s and Crime families in the 70′s.

The Geedup Clothing label is more a family then a brand, Geedup portrays a strong sense of belonging, loyalty, strength and individuality, Sprouted in the spring of late 80′s, Geedup was a reoccurring dream up until 2010 when plans were finally put in place and things started moving slowly – Til’ finally a brand was formed from 2 brothers and a friend which quickly turned into a brother-ship, a family.

Geedup is heavily influenced by the 90′s Hip Hop era, The Style of the 80′s Graffiti scene and the Loyalty of the Crime Familys in the 70′s from that we are ‘The Purveyors of all things Hood’. We have taken the positive from all of these things and incorporated them into Geedup Clothing.

G’d up – “To be amazing at something and succeed extremely. Murk all others and destroy competition.”

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