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Geekhouse is a custom steel TIG welding operation out of Boston, MA. Founded by Marty Walsh in 2002- and now a small staff of builders. We aim to stay ahead of the curve and source our builds creatively and locally. A custom bike is a dream bike and that’s all we build. While our focus is dynamic- track, cyclocross, touring, road, mountain- we are always honed in on finding the perfect harmony of strength and style. A bike from us is a reflection of you- and your vision is our design.

We use innovative tubing combinations including Columbus, Dedacciai, True Temper and more. This enables us to pull together original and imaginative bicycles that always turn heads and never let down. Our bikes are inspired by our riders and be it Allston, Hong Kong, or London our riders love their bikes. Using a combination of classic New England technique and modern aesthetics we create bikes borne from a passion for cycling.

We adore the Boston cycling community and contributing to our neighborhoods, city, and state is a cornerstone of our business. Riding bikes is best when you’re doing it with a city you love; whether you’re riding solo or with a group, in a place like Boston you are never alone. We are bike geeks; we are Geekhouse.

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