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GEMS is a live music video showcase capturing some of New York City’s finest performers and musical acts today. All of our videos are produced in a unique partnership with the artists, their reps, the venues and promoters.

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  1. Mike Prevette
  2. Graham Savage Wasley
  3. Gregg Conde
  4. Think/Feel
  5. Digital Bolex
  6. Joy Andrews
  7. one50one
  8. Scott Jansson
  9. William O'Marra
  10. Gwendal Cloarec
  11. siempreviva
  12. Herby Garcia
  13. Ed Roberts-Graver
  14. Adriana Stimola
  15. Jean-Cesar Comet
  16. Alisa Boniello
  17. The Late Misters
  18. Jacuzzi Boys

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