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As an agent provocateur, Gene Kasidit always shocks and awes with his unconventional, gender bending appearance. Not only a consummate fashion icon that turns heads at every turn, but he also casts immediate spells as he sings that very first note. Gene’s vocal prowess is second to none either in aggressive, dance floor fillers or lovelorn, melancholic numbers.

Born in the mountains of Prae, Gene grew up singing traditional Thai music at a competition level, which granted him solid singing foundations. Naturally talented and passionate about music since young age, Gene discovered Brit pop during his teenage years. Enamored with the unique musical movement and its attached lifestyle, Gene, right out of high school, decided to backpack around the globe to gain first hand experiences with different cultures.

Upon his permanent relocation to Bangkok, Gene, maximizing his fluent English language skills, took up a writer position at BK magazine as well as holding a front man position with Futon, the legendary multi-national electro punk band. Futon brought Gene to public attention, and they were darlings of Thai indie music circle while
they lasted. Within three albums, Futon had played around the world—from London to Tokyo.

Gene jumped at an opportunity to work with smallroom once he decide to leave Futon, and with his label of choice, he released “Affairs”, his first solo effort in 2009. “Affairs” signifies a slight shift in Gene’s attitudes where maturity is more evident through profoundly personal lyrics and subtle rhythms that still manage to rock the dance floors. Thai lyrics also appear more prominent in “Affairs”.

Gene performs with a full live band that consists of members from Goose and Desktop Error. 2012 will also see the return of this beloved electro rock'n'roll diva, but only Gene knows where he’s heading. Watch this space and see it for yourself.

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