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Gene Massey is the Chairman/CEO of, a company holding an issued U.S. Patent for a new and innovative method of Crowdfunding that enables any company to sell its stock on its own Website or Facebook page. Known as the "Social Media IPO," MediaShares' Crowdfunding methodology can be used in any company's IPO and is fully-compliant with SEC rules that now make it possible to advertise and market a company's stock through social media and even sell to non-accredited investors.

MediaShares' subsidiary,, is an innovative film financing company that uses this methodology for building massive online communities around movies. CinemaShares licenses its U.S. patented platform to film production companies who sell single shares of stock to online movie fans and offer a DVD or digital download as a stock dividend.

In addition to his expertise in securities, Gene Massey is also known as an Internet Marketing Consultant, with extensive experience in Social Media Marketing and the Branding of Retail products online.

In the past Gene has owned and operated a Los Angeles-based advertising and marketing company. From 1990 to 1997 Gene worked personally with Ely Callaway, Chairman/CEO of Callaway Golf, creating over four hundred television commercials that introduced and promoted the "Big Bertha" line of golf clubs. During the period of time that Gene worked with Callaway, their total sales increased from $21 million in 1990 to $843 million in 1997.

Gene can be reached at (310) 871-3668

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