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Zrenjanin, Serbia

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My name is Marko Tomovic, I was born in 1983. in Zrenjanin, SFRJ (Socialistic Federativ Republic of Yugoslavia).
I'm trying to express myself trough AV.

As an amateur, I deal with sound for 15 years and with video for 3-4 years.
First I started to make experimental music. Here is my lastfm and soundcloud links :
Old works are on Lastfm and new are on soundcloud.

Parallel with making music, just 10 years after, I become interested in video.
As a result I have participated in Live Performers Meeting – Rome 2012, performed my video “desert” live. “desert” is audio-video performance based on two video and two audio clips simultaneously played, scrolled and cut off. Here is the links:

Also, I have participated in making sound logo for Share Conference in Belgrade 2011. and 2012. You can here my examples on my soundcloud.

During July I was working in collaboration with couple of artists from Belgrade and Zrenjanin, on a project we call ‘woman is also a man’. This is interactive video, where woman is moving on screen when observer is speaking in to a microphone.

Performances :

-Live Performers Meeting, Rome, Italy (2012. and 2015.)
-Tunel Club, Rijeka, CROATIA (September 2012.)
-Interzone festival, Novi Sad, SERBIA (November 2012.
-Slatki Bivši, Belgrade, SERBIA (December 2012.)
-F.R.I.K. festival, Skopje, MACEDONIA (December 2012.)
-Društveni Centar, Novi Sad, SERBIA (March 2014.)
-Le Studio Theater, Belgrade, SERBIA (December 2014.)
-KM8 Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA (December 2014.)
-KulturForum Gallery, Belgrade, SERBIA (December 2015.)

On the end, I play (guitar, computer, bass and sometimes rattles) in a band named ‘Nepredvidive Dede’. That is free improvisational band which is formed in year 2000. During period of 12 years, we played free improvisation with many local musicians in Belgrade, Pancevo and Zrenjanin.


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