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Creativity is a great motivator - it gives one the hope that worthwhile ideas exist. Those who bring these ideas to the fore - those who look at ordinary things in an extraordinary way; this website is dedicated to that special class of genius.

Through exclusive and highly researched multimedia in the form of text, video and sound; we reveal the creative modus-operandi of these virtuoses and invite you to be a part of the process.

You have the opportunity to browse through works most precious to their creators and hear from them their thoughts on life, the universe and everything. Pull up what Toscani has to say and then hear Gehry's thoughts on the same topic. inspired.


  1. Wilkinson Visual
  2. ALPA of Switzerland
  3. Gesaffelstein
  4. Johnny Beavers
  5. Frankowski Pictures
  6. Imago Mundi
  7. Alberto Campo Baeza
  8. Tim Sessler
  9. Damiani Editore
  10. Yohan Zerdoun
  11. Lavinia Baroni
  12. Rob Whitworth
  13. Musée de l'Elysée
  14. Pupilux

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