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Napoli ( Italy)

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Hello ! In this short card I’ll try to introduce myself
My name is Gennaro Giugliano,I am 44 old year and live in Naples ( Italy). I am a sefl- taught in the musical composition.My musical interests go back to early 70’s with particular attention to the generation of German artists of the so - called cosmik musis, e.g. Tangerine Dream,Klaus Schulze and Kraftwerk. The musical genre is influenced all my music production as you can appreciate listening to my pieces in the section “Playng my music” in this site.In the section “ La mia postazione” you can find several pictures of my setup and an overview of the pieces of eqipment through which I try to comunicate my feeling and emotions to the listeners. I strongly believe - and continue to support - that music should be enjoyed by everyone making it freely accesible and not for sale : That’s what i have done.All my song are under Creative Commons License Italy: this means that you can freely distribute my music ,but you cannot use it for commercial purposes. For addition info please visit the Creative Commons Italy site. My nick is Pierecall,a fantasy name,while on icompositions site you can find me with nick “gennargiu”
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