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Mad-Hattan island of denial

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i am a nyc based independent moving/stll/audio image maker doing documentaries and exploring my imagination in more challenging ways

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  • Silent Musc Videos - seeing is believing and believing in the indescribable is seeing the unimaginable or something like that - Silent Music Videos is a play on the absurdity of life or maybe not - you decide
  • ExCon With Convictions - Ex Con With Convictions: Andy Dixon is singer/songwriter storyteller who was born into crime and mixes music and conversation fluidly while telling his life story… which includes spending 27 years of an illegal life without parole sentence,
  • GEwIZ: AvantPOP AvantGuard Music - GEwIZ is GEo with IZ Issa, experiments in experimental & pop music/songs/spoke-word
  • Restoring Paradise - Restoring Hundertwasser’s Mural named Paradise & ChrisMuth Story You Never Heard by geo geller
  • Benoit Mandelbrot in Snow Storm - Conversations with Benoit Mandelbrot in a Snow (Fractal) Storm on April 1 2003