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In the bike world, you call it a team: a group of friends (plus a few friends of friends) who stick together for better and (rarely) for worse, traveling the world with their bikes, just to see if the tarmac’s smoother on the other side. They wouldn’t dream of visiting a city without their bikes; that’s just the way it is. From Rotterdam to Lisbon, Madrid to Tokyo, Buenos Aires to New York, riding together and sharing the enjoyment of seeing the world from the same perspective – although all ten or so of them, all guys, are looking in the same direction anyway. That’s how you could describe Géométrick. What got them there certainly wasn’t college. The back of the class was where they spent most of their time.

Géométrick skipped school and got on their bikes. Because riding isn’t just a way of getting from A to B; it’s a mindset. You get to meet amazingly different people, all ages, all origins, a mixed bunch that, beyond a shared interest in bikes, form a community. Riding is a point of convergence. At Géométrick, the convergence is on hip hop and electronic music too. The brand is present at loads of Paris events, invites artists, and creates its own buzz on its blog, with photos and posts of all kinds. There’s just one watchword: freedom.

Géométrick’s take on the bike culture is expressed in a range of objects that they identify with. The name more or less created itself: “geo”, for the space and urban mobility that the brand is all about, and “metrick” for musical beat. Plus, the “geo” (G-O) prefix suggests the basic shape of a bike: a triangle and two circles; and also their taste for graphic design in general.

In the group, each person does the thing he’s best at: there’s Gus, the graphic designer, who worked on the sports collection of a fashion house; there’s Félix, who’s into image and communication in a big way; there’s Matteo, who looks after the financial side; and the other guys in the crew who each play their part, depending on the projects that come up.

As the boys at Géométrick all get around on bikes, environmental awareness comes naturally to them, even though they don’t make a fuss about it.* When they dream up new designs, a concern for environmental protection is always there, under the surface. Recycling is a concept that inspires them, as do “clean” technological innovations (especially in printing, and simply making their products only in France, to limit transportation issues.

*Geometrick T-shirts and inks have the French Oeko-Tex® certification. Öko-Tex is an independent German association, the first label aimed at guaranteeing the human-ecological quality of textiles, ensuring they are exempt from products that are toxic for the body and the environment. Géométrick T-shirts are 100% cotton and printed using water-based inks.

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