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My name is George Heckard and I recently graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electronic Media and Film from Northern Arizona University!

I have accumulated experience in live sports production, and live news production. I have been operating cameras in a creative sense since 7th grade, when I made a music video for a class. Since then, I have worked on professional as well as consumer products from many of the leading digital media production companies.

For 9 semesters, I worked at NAU's on-campus, student produced news station, NAZ Today, in positions of progressive responsibility. I worked every position from camera operator in-studio to technical director and finally, director for evening news broadcasts. I worked over 200 live in-studio broadcasts in the past 5 years, including two mayoral debates, and a newly formed 15 minute sports show called The OT.

At NAU TV Services, I held positions of increasing responsibility, including fill-in director, assistant director, and technical director. I operated camera, and held the position of lead audio for a substantial amount of time. The sports productions I worked have been broadcast dozens of times on Fox Sports Arizona, and included the first all-women basketball broadcast in Arizona. My four years of continued work not only influenced my passion for sports, but also my ability to operate professional equipment.

This site is intended for me to showcase some of my work. From demo reels, news stories, creative stories, and documentary style pieces, I hope to make my talents available for the world to see.


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