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George J Nicholson is a Creative Synthesist.

Once he took an IQ / Aptitude test and the computer crunched the following result:
“George J Nicholson, you are a Visual Mathematician!”

This was a great relief, for after 54 years of living,George finally knew “what” he was.

Another insight into the elusive nature of his current being came when he was suddenly accosted by a 95 year old woman at a Christmas Party held by a friend. The woman “bird-dogged” him on sight, behaving as if she knew him from “somewhere.” Grabbing his arm and loudly launching the following words at him
as he attempted to swallow a mouthful of crudite:

“So what’s your subject?” (Her refreshing substitution for asking that tiring and drab: “And what do you do for a living?" Making a quick recovery after nearly choking, George replied slowly: “ T r a n s – f o r – m a – t i o n ”

The two became fast friends on the spot: Reciting their Poems from memory, discussing their favorite Dreams and pondering the Big Mystery while the room packed full of “in-the-know” people talked of what was playing at the cinema, the stock market and time-shares.

At the end of the evening the host apologized for the old lady’s aggressive and possessive behavior, as she wouldn’t let go of George’s arm and attention for the duration of the party: “So sorry you got caught up in her ‘web’ … Poor soul, she has Alzheimer’s.”

It was the most memorable and meaning-filled Christmas party he ever attended.


Oh yes, the standard stuff:

Photographer | Poet | Writer | Book Designer | Inner Work Student | Dream Analysis Coach | Life Transformation Mentor | Sculptor | Pastel Painter | Charcoal and Graphite Artist | Nature-based Videography | Meditation Music Videos

For $$:

Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant & Graphic Designer

+ + +

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) BA : Visual Design

Key Institute influences and seminal mentors:

Gyorgy Kepes | Richard Filipowski | Vassilakis Takis | Minor White | Dr. Harold Edgerton | Bruce E DePalma | Gian Carlo Rota | Philip Morrison

+ + +

Corporate Clients have included major consumer and business publications and the Fortune 500

More info available at:


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