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Late in October 2012 George Meanwell and a small group of very musical friends met for two evenings at Factory 163 in Stratford, Ontario where they recorded and filmed, in single takes, the songs for his brand new album and DVD, The Easy Straight . The result is a beautiful collaboration featuring George with Anna Atkinson (violin, accordion); Eric St-Laurent (guitar); Michael McClennan (bass); Ian Harper (reeds) and Graham Hargrove (percussion).
In the late 1970s George was guitarist and vocalist with the acoustic Toronto-based folk trio Short Turn which appeared on national television and radio, including Morningside, 90 Minutes Live and George Hamilton IV. He was Quartetto Gelato’s cellist, guitarist and mandolinist for ten years in concerts throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Since then George has returned to song writing releasing Another Street (2003), Late (2008) and now The Easy Straight.
George’s cello and mandolin is heard on Sylvia Tyson’s ’11 release, Joyner’s Dream. Over the past five years he has appeared on stage at the Stratford Festival playing cello, guitar, banjo, harmonica, concertina, lute and mandolin. During the 2012 Stratford Summer Music George performed six solo programs of his own music, Songs of Travel. In 2015 he is on stage in Chris Abraham's production of The Taming of the Shrew.