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George Mihaly is Director at Story Firm, a full-service video production company based in Portland, Oregon. Our specialties include live-event and commercial video.

Prior to founding Story Firm, George Mihaly worked with Stillmotion as a Creative Producer. At Stillmotion, he lead and developed online education programs, produced filmmaking workshops in Portland, OR and across 29 major markets in North America, and also helped film and produce commercial video content.

Beyond his work with Story Firm, George is an avid reader, outdoor enthusiast, and organizer of TEDxMtHood.

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  1. George Mihaly commented on Junk Mail
    This is so honest, so real. Thank you for sharing for Mary's voice with us. Hats off to the team at her senior center and of course, to you guys as well. -George
  2. Awesome Video!!