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George Zambra: producer, vocals, guitar, bass guitar, drums, synths, pianos, mix, etc,

I've been making music since 1993 since I first took my first guitar, recording songs with tape old tape recorders,
I have made 1580 songs, and I haven't luck my record companies yet, maybe because I live in Mexico, and I sing in english and kind of music is not for this country, who knows, But I will not stop making music 'till I die. Music is all I know of this world.

I'm Looking for a Manager if you are interested please contact me at: ""

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    Fantastic Sound ¡ All in One, I went to canada 3 years ago for 6 months just to contact you Daniel, but it was really imposible for me =( anyway, have to get back to make music too =) night & day that all I do, I love your Sound Daniel, I really…