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I am a choreographer, dancer, teacher, currently living and working between Montreal and Berlin.

As a choreographer, I am interested in narrowing the hierarchical gap between art forms (drag, fashion, contemporary theatre, pop music, photography) and movement (voguing, stripping, somatics, hip hop) to create original live performances. As a dancer, I have worked with renowned choreographers including Marie Chouinard, Benoît Lachambre, Bill T. Jones, Noémie Lafrance and Luther Brown.

In 2013 I was awarded a joint grant from the NYSCA and CALQ to participate in a choreographic residency in NYC to study vogue and develop my solo dance piece THE PRINCIPLE OF PLEASURE, in which I embody gender roles in order to explore the relationship between audience and performer. This piece premiered in February 2014 as a headliner of the 35th annual Rhubarb Festival in Toronto, Canada. In summer 2014 I was selected as one of two Canadian dance artists to participate in DanceWeb, a scholarship program at Vienna's international dance festival, ImPulsTanz. It was there that I began choreographic research for my next work, Truth or Dare.

photos by Damian Siqueiros


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