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Born in a warm May night in 1978 in Rome, Gianluca Folì has always loved drawing.

As a child of extreme curiosity he fed his passion year by year and now, from his Studio between the Castelli Romani vineyards, he collaborates as an Illustrator wih different clients like Feltrinelli, Mondadori, Fendi, Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe and more. He approaches the world of children book illustrations with “the Bear with the Sword” published by ZOOlibri in 2008 and choosen between the best 100 books at the CJbook Festival of Seul and at the Munich White Ravens.

Inspired by an oriental discipline, in his work you can feel all the mental concentration preceding the creative act which si palpable in his suspended lines and his wide white spaces.

Gianluca loves good cooking, good books and good friends.

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