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Giant Eel Productions will specialize in the development and commercialization of 3D and stereoscopic field technology in film productions. We are currently working on developing our first 3D promotional film ―Train of Shadows,‖ set to premier at the Michigan Theatre next year. Unlike current 3D technology, which overwhelms media consumers‘ visual cortexes through oversaturated fields of depth, our approach to 3D production will use variable depth to compliment rather than substitute for narrative approaches to commercial media. We plan to target a diverse customer base, including advertising and production agencies, political campaigns, and non-profit groups that are planning to leverage the growing market of 3D media and 3D social media marketing. We will also provide technical services for production design, scripting, story-boarding/scene management and contract cinematography to small and independent film companies. We plan to target the demands of distributors with high market potential such as ABC, FX, SciFi, The History Channel and HBO.

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