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I'm an art-director/photographer/musician working at a small communications agency inside a church in Amsterdam called KesselsKramer.

"Among all the art-directors of the world only a thousand of them are able to hold a pencil or a Wacom pen while thinking of cutting paper and molding clay. From these thousand art-directors there are 500 of them who can ride a skateboard. Half of this 500 used to make or are still making music on a particular instrument. Only 150 of these art-directors play multiple instruments. Now remove 70 people of this list because they are female and we have 80 world wide male art-directors left. Of this 80 guys only 20 of them have a phobia of carrier cycles and after that only 10 fancy white porcelain junk art. Take the men off who didn't tour in a punkrockband and you will only have 2 art-directors on earth left. Only 1 of them owns this website. Guess who." - niek eijsbouts

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