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Born in 1974, Gilles developed a passion for cinema at an early age. His first influences on the big screen were timeless classics such as Superman, Bambi and E.T. With the birth of VHS, he went on to discover movies like The Godfather, Once upon a time in the West, the Wizard of Oz and Psycho. Through these life changing movies, he became a fan and admirer of great directors such as Alfred Hitchcock, Sergio Leone, Francis Ford Coppola, Martin Scorcese...

In 2003, after a four-year degree in Japanese language and with several years of experience as an IT engineer, Gilles realizes his true passion was film directing. Armed only with a second-hand mini DV camcorder, he begins shooting here and there, without real purpose.
He also starts to learn the complex art of editing, and often spent evenings on his PC, clicking relentlessly until the early hours of the morning.

Then in 2004 a short movie competition gives him the opportunity to direct for the first time. He was hooked. So he joined an eclectic group of fun loving, aspiring young directors “les Filmistes Associés” and spent time experimenting and improving his skills in directing.

As some of Gilles work were broadcasted on television, his confidence began to grow further and he quit his IT job in order to pursue his passion full time.

Today Gilles directs commercials, music videos, short films and is at on his first feature film.

Awards list :
Best director - Golden W - ("Loop" - short film - 2005)
Best Director - 48 hour film project 2007 - Canon Challenge - ("Ekolopathe" - 2007)
Best Director - Golden W - ("Ekolopathe" - 2007)
Best movie - 48 hours international Shootout 2009 - "Prebloc"
Best Editing - 48 hour film project 2008 - "Adrenaline"
Audience special prize - Courts de sang d'été 2009 - "Ekolopathe"

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