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GCS (Girls CAN Skate) is the group of sharing the feeling and fun of skateboarding. We hope you can share the joy & happiness with your skateboard or even share the question of skateboarding to us.

We hope it can make all of the Hong Kong girl skaters or even all girl skaters who around the world stay together and skate together, we are willing to share our happiness and joy with you all.

Of coz, we can fix a date to skate together and you can ask any question about your diffculties in skateboarding; also you can share the clip, photo and any information about skateboarding in our group. If you'd like, we can also plan a event for barbecue + Skate.

The important thing is we need your help to ask your girl's friends to join us
(^ ^)y , you can reach us on facebook: Girls CAN Skate (GCS) or weibo:

Go Skate & Have FUN with your SKATEBOARD, Girlssssssssssssssssss
YEAH!!!!!!! ^0^


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