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My name is Sarah Giroux, and I am a Cinematographer and Editor. My true passion is to build upon my craft as a Director of Photography. I understand however, the value of knowing how layers of imagery cohesively build a story, and for that, I enjoy editing as well. The two go hand in hand. I am a graduate of Tribeca Flashpoint, majoring in Cinematography. Since graduation in June 2013, I have worked on TV shows, filmed commercials, orchestrated an ENG crew for a music festival, started editing for a News Company, as well as finally created my first film as Director of Photography that I am proud of. Connections have been made, yet I am always looking to expand! Everyone's perspective of the world is different; I was meant to show mine through the lens of a camera.

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  • Website
  • Flickr - This is some of my work with photography shot around the world on various different cameras.
  • Concert Cinema - Recently worked for a cinematic music video company, and filmed the band Girls On Bicycles.


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