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Gitzo was founded in France in 1917 by Arséne Gitzhoven, who produced cameras, cable releases, shutters (at a rate of 750 per day) and filmpack frames for the photographic industry until 1942, when the World War led to the company being temporarily dismantled.

Production started again in 1944 and tripods were introduced to the Gitzo's product range in the 1950's. In 1960, Arséne Gitzhoven retired and his daughter, Yvonne Plieger, took over running the company with her husband, devoting themselves to the development of a wide range of top quality tripods and heads which were exported to more than 54 countries.

In 1992, Gitzo became part of the Vitec Group - a multinational holding company specialized in supporting professional photographers, broadcasters and filmmakers. Gitzo's unfailing standards have helped to maintain the company's worldwide reputation for excellence in the photographic industry.

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