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Hello everyone,

I'm Giuliano Agnelli, and i am 18 years old. I'm from Brazil, and for short works i do movies, related to Kart, Skateboarding, and everything else! When it is as a hobby, i do it for fun, so anyone can judge me.

I'm a Kart driver, and also, a skateboarder, so this help me a lot when doing videos, cuz i know how people like to see it, and also, i know the best way to catch little things, that make the different in the end of my job.

Equipment i'm using: Canon 5D III, Canon 7D, Rokinon 16mm, Canon 35mm, Rokinon 85mm, Canon 24-70 II, Canon 70-200, Sigma 50-500, HERO 3+.

Stay tuned for news!!



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