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I play drums, percussions and trumpet, work as sound or light technician/assistant for bands and produce records or live recordings or soundtracks and scores for video (record, post-produce, mix, master). I have played/worked with: AllTogetherNow *Menossi-Equipo-Jahbitat-Gius* (electric trumpet), CaraSinHuesos (mix, post-prod, master), CarpaKoi (drums), Chaqlala (drums, mix, post-prod, master), Chupaconcha Duo/Trio/Quartet (electric trumpet, mix, post-prod, master), Cuarto Mecanico (trumpet), Gomiero/Angelo Cacciolato (mix, post-prod, master), Il Sogno Del Marinaio *A.Belfi-S.Pilia-M.Watts* (trumpet), Jordi Maranges's Dandy Orchestra (trumpet and percussion), Laura Celada (videoart), Lonely Drifter Karen (trumpet), Pelusa (percussions), Pinku Jisatsu (mix, master), Rik Van Den Bosch (percussions), Searchin'Guitar (drums, production), Sol De Sants Studio (studio musician, studio assistant, technician), Xarangantana (trumpet), Your Kid Sister's Wolfgang orquestra (drums, trumpet, xilophone, vocals).

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