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Born in Sicily in 1982, Giuseppe discovered an interest in filmmaking when, at the age of 10, his parents bought him his first camcorder. He began to train himself learning to shoot with a steady hand and trying out cinema techniques that inspired him. Even at such a young age his videos sparked a lot of interest. When he turned 16 he bought himself his first iMac which proved to be a very important tool and allowed him to begin to edit in a serious way with final cut pro. It changed his life.

Now, aged 32, Giuseppe holds both a Degree and Masters in Audio-visual Arts, with his creative mind he has worked for numerous brands such as Jaguar, Telecom, San Pellegrino, Orient Express hotels, UBM, GQ, MTV, Deagostini and EXPO2015. His ‘Alone in NY’ video has more that 400, 000 plays on vimeo and thousands of embeds in worldwide art, design and video websites including the influential

Giuseppe loves nothing more than to create an amazing story through aesthetic photography and beautiful camera movements complimented by the right choice of soundtrack. He aspires to evoke emotion through his work and create something memorable.

Happy working as part of a creative team but often working autonomously throughout the whole process Giuseppe writes the concept, shoots the footage, edits and color grades the video personally seeing that every step of the process maintains the integrity of the initial concept.

Giuseppe is based in Italy but loves to travel the world working and soaking up ideas and influences along the way in order to put his unique flair to each and every project that he works on.

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