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Gizmo is an animation studio company with over 10 years of market presence. We are an interdisciplinary team of artists, illustrators, animators, lighters, compositors, creatives and producers that offers creative and audiovisual solutions in every project. .

We like to be call as an "art lab". We invite you, to know our passion

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Ph.: +5411 4857 0551


  1. Core
  2. Aparato
  3. Magna Carta
  4. Rattling Stick
  5. BOSSA
  6. Brand New School
  7. Mistress
  8. Ghost Town Media
  9. a52
  10. Harpoon Pictures
  11. BLVD Industries
  12. Supply&Demand
  13. Humble + Postal
  14. Tool of North America
  15. Chelsea Pictures
  16. loyalkaspar
  17. Little Fluffy Clouds
  18. Light of Day NY

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