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Gareth Walsh creates artwork that questions the boundaries of perceived reality, and plays with the creative potential found in the manipulation and recombination of its parts. His work is informed by direct experience, and an on going curiosity towards perception, technology and art.

His work has been shown internationally with select screenings and exhibitions at The Broad Stage (Santa Monica), New Gallery (London, UK), California Nanosystems Institute (Los Angeles), Los Angeles Contemporary Museum of Art (Los Angeles) , TEDx (UCLA), Arena 1 Gallery (Santa Monica), New Wight Gallery (Los Angeles), Millard Sheets Gallery (Pomona), Los Angeles State Historic Park (Los Angeles), 404 Festival of Electronic Art (Argentina). Shekel Festival (Israel). Incontri in Terra di Siena festival (Italy)

He teaches various experimental time-based media courses in the Dept. Design Media Arts, UCLA.

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