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Vimeo Channel of the Glasgow Filmmakers Alliance.

Whether you're an individual working within the film and television industry in Glasgow or whether you own a major production company, we're sure you will find this directory extremely useful.

Our aim is to bring together, in one place, the wide range of professionals who are currently working within the film and TV industry in Glasgow. In the current economic climate, the need for greater collaboration amongst our Industry is crucial for our future projects to succeed.

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  1. Tartan Features
  2. Sean Campbell
  3. Sole Productions//Chas Whatmore
  4. Gray Oak Productions
  5. Border Raid Films
  6. Alan McIlrath
  7. JHilla
  8. John Douglas Wilson
  9. Scott Houston
  10. Alan Henry
  11. Gryffe Studios
  13. Jamie A.M.
  14. National Theatre of Scotland
  15. StoryBoardMedia
  16. Reaghan Reilly
  17. grant mcphee
  18. CineMate Films

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