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Ambient Alternative Chamber Rock.

A water-damaged violin weeps as a ghostly orchestra tunes to the key of E. A piano- lost on the bottom of the Atlantic for a century- strikes a shimmering, melancholy note. Above the surface, seagulls scream as boat engines drone steadily.

These are the sounds that haunt Shadows & Sand from glean. Many were recorded on the Belfast dock where the RMS TITANIC was built and launched; others were collected in Eastbourne, where her lead Cellist- who played until she sank- never returned home. Some were created in New York, a stone’s throw from Chelsea Pier where the ship should have docked. The last were captured in a structure older than TITANIC herself: the Minneapolis Grain Belt Building, erected in 1891.

The individuals who compiled Shadows & Sand don’t matter so much as the fact that the sounds have finally found a place to breathe. During life’s shipwrecks, we hope you’ll visit our submarine.


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