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Jeffrey Leiser is an award-winning composer, screenwriter and sound editor. He has composed original music and sound edited 23 short films and 3 feature films. In 2011, he won a Gold Medal for best use of music in a feature film (Glitch in the Grid) at
the Park City Film Festival. Jeffrey has released 11 albums through iTunes
and CDBaby. At Technicolor, Jeffrey worked on hit TV Shows like USA's White Collar and HBO's Boardwalk Empire, as well as feature films like The Town and Black Swan. In 2007, Jeffrey graduated from Video Symphony, a Pro Tools accredited institute for post-production. He is the co-founder, with his brother Eric, of Albino Fawn Productions, an independent film company focused on exhibiting experimental, non-narrative, and/or spiritual works. He also wrote the screenplay Finding Infinity, a story about Georg Cantor and the modern search for Iceland’s second sight. Jeffrey works for The Criterion Collection in their new media department.

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