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Introducing you to Global Heart Network, 501(c)3
What is our Mission?
Global Heart Network (GHN) has for mission to enhance collaboration between all stakeholders through our contributive platform, to increase access to cardiac care in Low and Middle-income Countries. (LMICs)
How it Works?
1. Sign In, and add your affiliation to your profile to join the GHN community of stakeholders working in cardiac care in LMICs.
2. Post a need/resource
3. Get systematically matched with a solution to your need posted by a GHN member
4. Start or engage in a discussion to improve access to cardiac care in LMICs
GHN Core Features:
1. Join a Community, and access to database of all our stakeholders located worldwide.
2. Collaborate through the matching system with all GHN members to find a solution to your need: from finding specific cardiac clinical services, to training and scholarship grants, to funding, locating medical equipment and supplies, volunteer opportunities...
3. Save lives by increasing access to cardiac care in LMICs.
Our Impact
GHN has proven its efficiency with patients, NGOs, and healthcare professionals matched with a solution to their need.
The Team
We are a passionate team working to serve all those that work in the field that believe technology and collaboration together, can tremendously increase access to cardiac care in LMICs.

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