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Vanessa v. Gasselt, the founder of Global Nomads Productions is an active director, cinematographer and editor with a strong ability for improvisation. Thanks to her multidisciplinary background (dance, music, fine arts) she has a feel for movement and dynamics, as a keen ear for audio, musical edits and an eye for beauty in all matters.
She understands the power of film and is conscious of her responsibility within this field to be able to concretely change and support people or projects that need a voice, offering them an international platform.
After having worked closely with film partner Openends Productions they have created over 350 projects covering the Urban, Dance and Music world.

Film has the capability to embrace all , People, Places, Sound, Music, Stories, intentions, Culture, Wisdom, Movement, Meaning, Voyages, Colour , Mysteries..

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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