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Best to search GLoLady or GLoLady TV in the search engine if you want to know more...

Mystic Intuitive, Paranormal is my normal... Check out

My 1st Amendment right of Freedom of Speech is very important to me.

I hear there is a Revolution coming....will you do your part or just talk about it?

Educating and enlightening people on subjects that have been taboo, misconstrued, and lied about.

Using the World Wide Web as a platform.

Seeking International sponsorship for the show.

URTV Public Access Television was closed due to Buncombe County Commissioners denial of funding and intent to hush the public's voice.
Researching and Developing Glow in the Dark and Photoluminescent Safety Products for over 25 years. Public Safety in many aspects remains in the forefront of my goals to be a Social Entrepreneur. A plan to revolutionize the US economy using the profits to heal the disease and decay in Society.

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