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Oshkosh, Wisconsin

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"My aim is to provoke the viewer to delve deep withing each piece and therefore deeper into their own psyche, perhaps observing or experiencing emotions that are not clearly apparent at first glance."

Seeking to reclaim the practices and traditions of sacred art as a tool for supporting connection, spiritual growth, and healing, in re-establishing the traditional connection between sacred art and inner work (prayer and meditation, visualization, and other forms of spiritual practice).

As a workshop facilitator, visionary and sacred artist my teaching and intuitive painting infuses a deep connection to heart, mind, and spirit. In honoring intuition, self-discovery and sacred space I believe that each individual holds healing power within themselves.

It is my intention to guide the seeker to their own inner healing and strength.

As a visual and imaginative artist, I work purely on impulse. When I set out to do a piece I let my intuition, subconscious or higher self take over and just allow the creation to flow. My art is a material reflection of my soul, representing my eternal processes of finding, understanding and defining myself. As I am ever evolving so too is my art ever evolving.

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