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  1. Awardeo

    by Awardeo.tv joined

    8,551 Videos / 5,221 Members

    The awards that recognize the talent and effort of the best filmmakers on Vimeo. Join the weekly competition on http://www.awardeo.tv for a chance to be featured. Lean back and enjoy! /The…

  2. A/V Performance

    by PIXELS Transversaux joined

    463 Videos / 124 Members

  3. Motion Portraits

    by Graham Nguyen joined

    111 Videos / 90 Members

    Motion Portraits are on the cutting edge of portrait photography and HD cinematography. We consider them to be a moving representation of an individuals personality, mood, and way of life. Please…

  4. Art Video Film - The Global Laboratory

    by Maria Niro joined

    12.5K Videos / 3,556 Members

    Please only add videos that fit the art video, experimental cinema etc... genres. Works that do not fit the description below will be deleted. This group is dedicated to work outside the traditional…

  5. Experimental Narrative

    by Sailors on Belmont joined

    3,475 Videos / 1,211 Members

    Experimental techniques used to tell stories. Advancement of the medium. Film and video as a canvas for story telling. I'm afraid of the dark and often wet my bed for protection.

  6. Creative video

    by sasqik joined

    12.5K Videos / 2,156 Members

  7. Noise Artifacts

    by Rosa Menkman joined

    1,684 Videos / 942 Members

    Find the glitch studies manifesto here! http://vimeo.com/groups/artifacts/files This group is for videos that center around (digital) artifacts like glitch, compression, noise and feedback. I…


    by Kosmos joined

    7,680 Videos / 1,704 Members

    http://avperformance.net Official Group All that is connected with art and technology of creating live music and visual content, performance, VJ’s, DJ’s and musicians’ work…


    by Rick Walker joined

    29 Videos / 5 Members

    A group to gather people in the burgeoning Live Graphic Performers movement, including VJs, low fi artists and people using new (and frequently hacked) technologies to create real time digital visual…

  10. Audio Video Live

    by xl3e9zed joined

    179 Videos / 27 Members

  11. visual performances

    by jocool joined

    160 Videos / 20 Members

    technological artist creating audio visuals new media contens

  12. Skanect

    by Glowing Pictures joined

    1 Video / 1 Member

    videos made with Skanect by Occipital

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