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The earth is a gift to humanity. Therefore all people’s rights to land and livelihoods are fundamental. It is unacceptable that billions of human beings are suffering from hunger, deprivation and lack of dignity resulting from the imposition of the dominant neo-liberal development framework, in which land, water, forest, seeds and mineral resources have been commoditized and are hence increasingly controlled by corporations and financial institutions that operate with unrestrained greed.

In response to this intolerable situation, people at the grassroots level around the world must take urgent actions together to address the variety of challenges at the local, national and international levels that stem from lack of access to land, livelihoods and natural resources. Moreover, recognizing the common origin of their problems, these actions should aim to link rural and urban peoples in a united struggle to achieve an alternative people-centered development that is just for all.

Acting upon this call for a Global Movement 2012, a non-violent campaign is being built among many organizations around the world, in a combined effort to achieve people’s greater control over land and sustainable livelihoods. Through Global Movement 2012, people are being brought together from different countries to undertake common, global actions.

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