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  1. Blender3D

    by Vaclav Chaloupka joined

    2,087 Videos / 1,269 Members

    Blender (http://www.blender.org/) Blender a free open source 3D content creation suite, available for all major operating systems under the GNU General Public License. This group is to share tutorials,…

  2. Blender 3D

    by SHAMUS Eckstein joined

    1,334 Videos / 604 Members

    Group dedicated to the wonderful open source software BLENDER. Have a look around and be sure to comment on the extraordinary work blender allows you to create or post a tutorial to help others…

  3. Blender Tutorials

    by M R joined

    136 Videos / 222 Members

  4. Blender tutorials

    by Brektzar joined

    150 Videos / 328 Members

    This group will consist of blender tutorials, or tutorials that apply to all 3D programs. Pleas help add videos for this group so that as many as possible can get the help they need quickly and…

  5. Libre Graphics World

    by Alexandre Prokoudine joined

    55 Videos / 14 Members

    Videos by and for users of libregraphicsworld.org

  6. Inkscape Forum DE

    by Kevin Schrader joined

    27 Videos / 9 Members

  7. Gimp

    by lloydde joined

    47 Videos / 64 Members

    Tutorials and Screencasts in English of the open source Gimp image editor.

  8. Inkscape Tutorials

    by Quedepi joined

    77 Videos / 43 Members

    Here you can collect all the Inkscape Tutorials on Vimeo

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