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Godbout Entertainment started back in 1990 as Detour Records. A Miami Based Dance Label, producing some of the hottest Freestyle, Dance & House music of the 90's. For 10 years I worked in the music industry releasing five albums and more than a dozen singles. With a slew of top 10 dance hits around the world and a voting member of the GRAMMY AWARDS I worked with & learned from some of the most influential producers and artists of their time.

After 10 years I decided to switch gears back to my childhood dream of filmmaking. Starting Godbout Entertainment was the first step. Second was to change location from Miami FL to Orlando FL. Third was to take my experience and knowledge in the music business and apply it to the video & film world. Since then Godbout Entertainment has become an AWARD winning production company with multiple TELLY AWARDS and In 2008 the most coveted Televsion award there is an EMMY® AWARD.

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