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The United States of America

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Featuring Mark Muller from History Channel's God, Guns & Automobiles on the cover. Mark wrote the introduction and his brother Erich ‘Mancow’ Muller is also featured in this remarkable book that proudly celebrates The 2nd Amendment.

Professional journalist and photographer Ben Philippi toured America for four years in search of the millions of legal gun owners who, everyday, proudly defend their constitutional right to bear arms. The resulting collection of photographs, God, Guns and Guts, a hundred and forty four beautiful and intriguing images of freedom loving American gun owners.

Excited by how “limitless freedom can be when every man and woman is afforded their right to arm and protect themselves” Philippi has nevertheless sought to produce a collection of photographs both unbiased and true to the diverse social fabric of American gun owners today. Setting out “to make as beautiful an image as possible, and to let the subject express themselves through a short quote” it remained important to him to represent “in colorful and celebratory terms, a culture often portrayed as controversial and negative by the mainstream media”.

Set between photographs of the inspirational landscapes through which he travelled, Philippi has collated the results of his encounters into this remarkable book, a body of work that mirrors the exceptional beauty, pride and singularity of this great country itself.

See the book here: godgunsgutsbook.com

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