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Dylan is a filmmaker, creating visionary works that draw upon his experience of lucid dreaming. Dylan taps into the realms of the subconscious, consciously manifesting his dream process, and takes this inspiration to the screen. Dylan's film efforts have won several awards for excellence. He has recently aired documentary projects on PBS, focusing on arts and the environment. After attending Maine Media Workshops, in January 2012 Dylan successfully and with much acclaim, completed a yearlong film program, graduating from the New York Film Academy. His films have received great accolades from faculty, students, and wider audiences.

Dylan has participated in several conferences including TED and PopTech, and has developed a deep and diverse background in innovative community design. Dylan has served with numerous organizations in a range of capacities. He is deeply inspired by the ideal that humanity is at its core divine, and the Universe is mirrored through us. Dylan Howard serves as President of a Maine Non-Profit The Caterpillar Hill Initiative. Dylan brings with him a wealth of knowledge about collaborative projects and social innovation. He finds Caterpillar Hill to be a place where he can manifest his deep interest in creating and establishing a strong symbiosis with the natural world.

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