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  1. Final Cut for Real

    Final Cut for Real PRO Copenhagen, Denmark


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    Dedicated to the development and production of high-end authored documentaries, Final Cut For Real was established as a subsidiary of the award-winning production house Final Cut Productions, in 2009. The core staff today consists of the four producers Signe Byrge Sørensen, Anne Köhncke,…

  2. Garrett Graham

    Garrett Graham Denton, Texas


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    I am a documentary filmmaker seeking stories of hope and resistance in these dangerous times. I live in Denton, Texas where I've got deep grassroots and I try to be a good neighbor. I'm a graduate student at the University of North Texas studying documentary filmmaking and I also teach undergraduate…

  3. Sheffield Doc/Fest

    Sheffield Doc/Fest PRO Sheffield, UK


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    Sheffield Doc/Fest is a world leading and the UK’s premier documentary festival, celebrating the art and business of documentary. We’re a hub for all documentary and factual content across all platforms, from feature length to shorts, and including interactive and virtual reality projects.

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