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MAR is an artist with true conviction and an innate need to paint his interpretation of the surrounding environment, building lines and characters in unique ways.
From drawing with chalk on the street at the age of 12, studying Fashion Design at the F.A.L. academy, through working in an animation studio ... MAR is now a fully fledged member, leader and instigator of the worldwide graffiti and street art movement.
In addition to a myriad of commissioned works, MAR is also a constant feature in group exhibitions of graffiti and street art, with emphasis on the 'VSP_Visual Street Performance', the international tour of graffiti 'Eurocultured', the 'SeixalGraffiti' (which is mentor), the international exhibition of customized tennis shoes 'we Love sneakers' or the group exhibition 'Underdogs', curated by renowned artist Alexander Farto aka VHILS. He is also a member of Eastpak crew since 2006.
Nowadays, his artistic goals lead him to the exploration of new urban spaces, leading him to participate in numerous urban festivals as the 'Crono' at Lisbon, 'Walk & Talk' in the Azores and finally on 'Wool – Covilhã urban art festival'.


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