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GonesTheDJ, a french producer and DJ who’s been digging the crates and mixing the finest music since 1988.

His inspiration come from many styles of black music, whether it is soul, funk or world music.
Only connoisseurs like Gones are able to keep people’s excitement at the top making them discover the great recordings, the known, unknown or even the forgotten ones.

Gones chooses his music with upmost care, to give the quality people’s eardrums deserve. His talent has been so applauded in the fashion world making him the resident DJ for Louis Vuitton.

During his American exodus he mixed for the most exclusives after parties at the New York Fashion Week.
Gones was the resident DJ at the famous Sushi Samba 7 rest&bar every friday night, and on Summer ‘09 he hosted the Central Park Dance Skaters event.

Now, freshly based in the south of France (Toulouse).

He has a radio show on Campus FM called GhettoBlasterShow every saturday 11pm.


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