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  1. strictlypaper

    by Jasmine Wilson joined

    185 Videos 36 Members

    collecting videos that involve paper

  2. Papercraft

    by Giacomo Salizzoni joined

    378 Videos 235 Members

    Videos featuring the assembly of items out of paper Especially papercraft (paperkraft) items. With some origami mixed in.

  3. Titles

    by CG CREW Post-Production joined

    6 Videos 5 Members

  4. Titles

    by N.L.P. joined

    6 Videos 6 Members

    Title Design

  5. Film Titles / Opening Sequences

    by Jack Morley joined

    518 Videos 416 Members

    FOR FILM OPENING TITLE SEQUENCES ONLY. NO BUMPERS , LOGO INTROS, REELS or SELF PROMOS. Opening titles are so important for many reasons. They can tell the audience a little about the narrative of…

  6. the Good, the Bad, the Title sequence

    by Vasiliy Shikhachevskiy joined

    577 Videos 580 Members

    title sequences are so cute! Or are they?..

  7. Opening Titles

    by Fabián Valdivia joined

    973 Videos 512 Members

    openings tv Programs

  8. Films by Film Students

    by Dufi Productions joined

    1,352 Videos 552 Members

    This group was designed to showcase short films, music videos, really anything that is created by students that are in high school or college.

  9. Student Filmmaker's Collective

    by Damon Stea joined

    8,975 Videos 3,929 Members

    A showcase and discussion of new and archived student films, embracing narrative, non-linear, and experimental films from the next generation of filmmakers. Show us your vision.

  10. The 'RED' Films Group

    by D.Lane joined

    1,973 Videos 884 Members

    The 'Red' Films Group is for Indie film makers to share their creative projects, short films, music videos, video art, tutorials, vlogs and programs that are all shot on the 'Red'…

  11. RED Epic Users

    by In Yo FACE Filmworks joined

    846 Videos 268 Members

    Collection of innovative material creating on the RED Epic

  12. RED EPIC

    by Michael R. Brazeau joined

    60 Videos 808 Members

    A showcase for content shot with the RED EPIC digital cinema camera.

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