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Good Pixel is a development company for film and media. An open platform for conceptual ideas- an effort to bring & create efforts to reality. I enjoy learning and working with people... add a friend here!


  1. Tragedy and Hope
  2. sophia abella
  3. Fairewinds Energy Education
  4. Vlad Jakovlev
  5. Miles Kahn
  6. Jiva & Juliet Carter
  7. John Cadman
  8. OneRiver Media
  9. Marc Donahue
  10. Darryl Anka
  11. Cinema Libre Studio
  12. Sherri Straker
  13. LopezCarlos
  14. Alex Craig
  15. Katelin Arizmendi
  16. Lana Del Rey
  17. Steve Wood
  18. White Orchid Studios

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